For modern women,
who want to look effortlessly chic,
prefer quality over quantity
and care where their clothes
come from, S.Bon is a clothing brand
that produces timeless wardrobe staples
made of premium fabrics.



We use premium natural fiber fabrics including cashmere, silk and wool. We achieve high-quality tailoring by working with experienced London based pattern cutters producing garments in reputable facilities around the UK.


Our intelligent capsule wardrobe means quality over quantity. With minimum garments you can effortlessly maximize your outfits for any occasion, and our carefully designed cuts flatter many body shapes.


We want to give you the best quality garments for the fairest price. Our transparent production and pricing shows that you are paying for the product, not a marketing campaign. We have made our luxury products affordable by cutting out the middle-man and giving you peace of mind by honestly displaying the cost of fabric for every garment and where it was sourced.


We believe in conscious consumption making a positive ethical and environmental impact on the world and as a responsible brand we embody slow fashion with durable natural fabrics and an intelligent capsule wardrobe.


For the last 5 years, being a financial consultant in an international firm, I moved four different countries. The amount of clothes I left behind with every move was scary. Most of them were bought impulsively, worn a few times as they were of not an ideal quality and/ or did not match other items in my wardrobe.

Feeling overwhelmed rather than happy with my clothes, my concerns have been supported by the statistics how fast fashion provokes wastefulness and over-consumption making fashion industry second largest polluter in the world.

I looked which items I carefully packed and love: these were the classic versatile garments made of high-quality fabrics like wool, silk, cashmere, simply tailored, that fit me perfectly rather than being ‘on trend’.

And I would say, that I always struggled to find the universally tailored garments made of durable high-quality materials which do not cost a fortune. That’s when the idea to create a sustainable fashion brand offering fair-priced timeless must-haves appeared.